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"The Area U.S. of Y Service Clubs is one of nine geographic Areas of the world.  The Area U.S. of Y Service International consists of Y's Men Clubs, Y's Men & Women's Clubs and Y-Service Clubs throughout the United States. We are service clubs in partnership with the YMCA. As the YMCA in the U.S. is more often called the "Y" and the service club was started as "men of and for the Y", the name "Y's Men's Club" was originally selected as being representative of our purpose. Women began joining our organization in the early 1970's  and the names "Y's Men & Women's Clubs" and "Y-Service Clubs" were adopted."

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Motto: "to acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right'"

"Each of the nine geographic Areas of Y's Men International is composed of Regions, of which there are nine in the U.S. Area, each administratively headed by a Regional Director, elected by the member clubs of the Region. The Regional Directors also serve as the members of the Area Council."
Regions of US Area
Hawaii Mid-America MidEast
North Atlantic North Central Pacific Central
Pacific Northwest Pacific Southwest South Atlantic
"Y Service Clubs provide a variety of services to their YMCAs and their communities. In addition, services are provided to the individual clubs by the International and Area officers. At the U.S. Area level, each of these service types are administered by an Area Service Director, appointed by the Area President with concurrence of the Area Council."


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Our Purpose

... to be a worldwide fellowship of men and women of all faiths working together in mutual respect and affection, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and with a common loyalty to the Young Men's Christian Association, striving through active service to develop, encourage and provide leadership to build a better world for all mankind.

Our Objectives

1. To function primarily as service clubs for the YMCA and youth.

2.To support other worthy organizations.

3.To encourage justice in civic and international affairs, abstaining always from party politics.

4.To keep members informed on, and actively involved in religious, civic, economic, social and international matters.

5.To cultivate good fellowship.

6.To support International, Area and Regional projects of Y's dom.


1.Provide personal and financial resources for community outreach to disadvantaged youth.

2.Provide a source of Y Board and Committee members.

3.Create public relations programs and develop good will for the YMCA.

4.Organize and lead Youth Clubs and groups.

5.Participate in campaigns for new members.

6.Provide leadership for campaigns for YMCA funds.

7.Recruit and train volunteer leaders.

8.Serve as volunteer staff substitutes for YMCA offices and program activities when needed.

9.Cooperate with the Y in maintenance and support of YMCA Camps.

10.Provide "fathers" and "mothers" for one parent boys and girls in Y youth activities.

11.Provide leadership, stimulation, and resources for involvement of young people.

12.Provide a base for contact and mutual support of other service clubs and community groups.

13.Spearhead the international emphasis for your YMCA, including leadership for your World Service activities.

14..Assist in organizing YMCAs in communities where there are no clubs.


The Brotherhood Fund, enabling members to travel and visit Y's Men and Y's Women families in far away countries.

The International Brother Club program which makes it possible for club members to learn about people in other parts of the world through exchange of letters, slides, tapes, visits, etc.

The Youth Education Exchange Program, (YEEP) where youth, are given a possibility to study, live and travel for one year in a foreign country, living as a member of a Y's Men & Y's Women family.

The Short Term Exchange Program (STEP) where children and grandchildren of Y's Men and Y's Women  between the ages of 15 to 25 stay with a Y's Men & Y's Women family from 3 to 11 weeks. 

The "Time of Fast" is an international project, in which money is raised basically through asking each member to fast one or several meals during a specific month (usually February) and contribute the money thus saved to the "Time of Fast" fund.

Our Charter

Originally founded as a "service club," Y's Men International is more than that. Sure, we serve. But we are specifically oriented to leadership and service within the YMCA and the communities served by the Y. This means that you could become involved in anything from day camping to drug problems. You'll help decide what your priorities are in Your community. Then you can act on them. Our clubs target primarily problems here at home - but we have sharing interest in working with the Y internationally as well.  Of course we're concerned about world problems; but Y's Men and Y's Women are first concerned about specific problems of the local community.

Our Direction

1.Y's Men and Y's Women reflect the original concept of the YMCA - people concerned about their fellow human beings.

2.Y's Men and Y's Women receive continuing orientation in all YMCA programs.

3.Our desire to alleviate human crises helps people make the Y a great community servant meeting urgent human needs.

4.Each Y Service Club provides the potential for greater international understanding because it is linked with clubs around the world in an ever-increasing fellowship.

Welcome to the world of Y's Men's International. We are a worldwide association of Christ-centered service clubs with a common loyalty to the YMCA. This worldwide Christian fellowship includes men and women of all ages, races, nationalities, religions and socio-economic levels. Together, with mutual respect and affection, we believe that we can put Christ teachings into action through active service. During this process, we hope to make our communities, and ultimately the world, a better place to live and raise our children.        

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